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Professor Zhou Wei Shares Insights at National Social Psychological Services Summit in China

Binhai City, Shandong Province, China - March 20-22, 2024, marked the inaugural National Social Psychological Services System Construction Experience Exchange Conference, held in Binhai City. The esteemed event, co-sponsored by the National Center for Mental Health and Mental Disorders Prevention, the Central Social Work Department's Volunteer Service Promotion Center, and The China Times, attracted over 1,500 representatives from various sectors, including academia, government, and healthcare.

Professor Zhou Wei, a distinguished psychologist from Medacom College, was among the keynote speakers, delivering insightful presentations on the integration of traditional Chinese wisdom into modern psychological practices. With her expertise in psychology, Zhou Wei bridged the gap between theoretical research and practical application, earning praise from the audience.

On March 21, Zhou Wei's afternoon talk focused on the "Holistic Health Perspective of China's Excellent Traditional Culture in Integrated Psychological Services." The following morning, she explored the "Demonstration Application of Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques in the Psychological Treatment System." Her presentations highlighted the integration of Chinese medicine and psychology across diverse industries, showcasing digital research achievements and the success of Medacom College's psychology graduate program.

Professor Zhou's presentations, grounded in real-life cases, exemplified her commitment to the "truth through practice" philosophy. Attendees, including representatives from China University of Political Science and Law, Nanjing University, Tianjin Normal University, Central China Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University, and Southwest Science and Technology University, lauded her innovative approach and expressed interest in collaborative efforts in research, talent cultivation, and conference organization.

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